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Victory Freedom engines as used in the 2002 thru 2008 models have a lot of potential. With 92 cubic inches, four valve heads and a 9.2 compression ratio, more performance is only a pair of camshafts away. V-438 cams make a great setup with a street bike with stock engine or a tuned engine with stock or larger displacement. The V-460 cams are a perfect match for the factory 100 kits. Also don't be misled by the conservative ratings of Polaris Victory V2 engines. With four valve heads and 106 cubic inches, more power is readily available. V2 engines can be tuned to output a lot more usable power just by changing camshafts. If you want more performance from your V2 bike, the first thing on your list of modifications should be a pair of new Andrews Victory V2 camshafts. Stock camshaft timings are listed for reference only.


Duration Duration Valve Lift @
Grind Timing* @ .050" lift @ .020" lift Lift TDC
Stock V92 Intake 8°/40° 228° 255° .388" .078"
Exhaust 40°/4° 224° 253° .386" .076"
V438 Intake 17°/45° 242° 269° .412" .108"
Exhaust 46°/11° 236° 265° .406" .085"
V460 Intake 18°/54° 252° 282° .434" .113"
Exhaust 48°/16° 244° 276° .426" .107"
Duration Duration Valve Lift @
Grind Timing* @ .050" lift @ .020" lift Lift TDC
Stock V106 Intake 2°/40° 222° 246° .394" .056"
Exhaust 38°/4° 214° 236° .394" .036"
V413 Intake 17°/45° 234° 258° .413" .099"
Exhaust 46°/11° 226° 250° .423" .067"
V472 Intake 18°/54° 242° 268° .472" .115"
Exhaust 48°/16° 234° 260° .472" .081"
Fits 2002-2008 Victory Freedom V92 and V100 engines
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
745333 Andrews V-438 cams provide more valve lift and duration means extra power thru RPM (2000-6000+) range for bolt-in or modified engines. Piston-valve clearance should be checked. Install with stock valve springs 5 429,18 kr
745334 Andrews V-460 cams are high lift cams for modified Freedom motors with Big Bore cylinders and higher compression ratio. More torque and HP with factory 100CI kits. RPM range: 2200-6500+. Requires high lift valve springs 5 429,18 kr
Fits 2009-2017 Victory V2 V106 engines
Late type camshafts also fit 2002-2008 models when installed in conjunction with 2002-2008 style rocker carriers OEM 3021177 & 3021178
Article number Description Retail price Add to cart
745335 Andrews V-413 camshafts are easy to install with no head work and stock valve springs for a big boost in torque and HP at low and middle RPM speeds 6 857,25 kr
745336 Andrews V-472 camshafts are similar to stock cams, but timing advanced for more torque and HP at low and middle RPM speeds. Require high lift valve springs 8 909,84 kr

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